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SiriusXM Acquisition

Digital Transformation Powered by A/B Testing

Problem Statement

In 2017 SXM had an outdated, non-responsive site requiring both desktop and mobile development that was not meeting the need of marketing.


Transform to a mobile first responsive design after conducting 12 months of a/d testing to determine a new optimal design.


  • Online conversion increased 30%

  • Learned streaming customers required a separate sales flow

Conversion Rate Optimization for

Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy Focussed on an Updated Product Value Proposition

Problem Statement

The Arena Group wanted to increase their online sales conversion for premium financial services (Action Alerts Plus, Real Money Pro, and Top Stocks). The existing customer experience was in need of a refresh to grow this portion of the business.


Develop a new engagement strategy for prospective clients focussed on the value of products to the customer instead of highlighting the features of those products. With value proposition content, a new marketing landing page test strategy was implemented along with a plan to migrate existing product pages to the newly tested design.


  • Marketing Landing Page Click Through Rate (CTR) increase by over 100%

  • Daily Sales Rate increased 300%

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